Repost: February 10, 2014

***Head up – for a few weeks, I’m just going to be publishing my “personal blog” here as a run on page until I can do some fancy code work to make it a blog-within-a-blog.  It’s more complicated than it seems, especially with the way the server currently is set up.  I appreciate your patience while this site goes through a bit of transformation!****


Since y’all* are so awesome, I decided to take my “off” days of Tuesdays and Thursdays to write a personal blog.  I want to get to know you guys, and give you a chance to get to know me as well! So I’ve never blogged before, oh, say one month ago, though my sister tried to convince me for awhile a few years back.  I just figured I had nothing to say!  Let’s work on this together, m-kay?Well, since I figured we should introduce ourselves, here is top 10 list about me to get us started:1.  I went to school for a loooong time – 1 undergrad, 2 master degrees, and a handful of IT certifications.  Why did I go so long?  I guess I just had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to do “when I grew up.”  I love school though, so no biggie to me.  PhD is on the list too, with a start date TBD.  May as well round out the collection, no?2.  After several years working in corporate IT, I am taking a few months (or more??) off to start my own business and go from there.  Makes me nervous, but so far I love it.3.  My brother in law says I’m one husband away from becoming a crazy cat lady.  (Don’t worry, he and I get along really well).  He’s probably right.  Haha.

4.  Though working in IT one of the very few industries I understand, like, and am good at, I am apparently not a “typical” IT person.  This has been demonstrated many times over the years as people say “YOU….are in IT?”  I guess the slight neurotic and outgoing personality paired with a love of fashion, long blonde hair, and stilettos doesn’t lead people to imagine that when they first meet me.

5.  I needed to improve my public speaking, so instead of something like Toastmasters, I take improv comedy lessons.  OMG SO MUCH FUN.  Seriously – even if you don’t want to become an improv artist, I recommend the lessons to anyone.  Best way to learn public speaking, thinking on your feet, and have a ton of fun.

6.  Despite being a technology loving Millennial, I kinda such at social media.  Which is why I’d love to follow you guys on your social media sites.  I am making an effort, and I want to find cool people!  Follow me and I’ll follow back (or just leave your deets in the comments).

7.   I have a 9.5 year old son (yes, I had a kid young!) and have been married for almost 2 years.  I love my son, but never fit into the whole “mom” stereotype, whatever that means.  I, like all mothers, think he’s the cutest and most brilliant thing on the planet, and figure he is well on his way to getting a full ride at Stanford (right after he finishes the 4th grade).  😛

My husband is a successful IT consultant, but even he has to do hardware related things like pull paper out of the printer with a tweezers for 45 minutes after *someone* maaaaay have left address label stickers in the printer and jammed it completely shut.

(click to see the picture larger)

8.  I’ll kill off any plant in my path.  Example of an actual conversation:

Hubby:  “What happened to the rosemary plant you just bought?”

Me:  “That’s a personal question.  I don’t care to discuss such things.”

Hubby:  “You killed, didn’t you?  I knew it! That makes like what, a 100% success rate with plant murder?”

Me:  “They were asking for it.”

Hubby:  “You do realize plants need water….right?”

Me:  “That’s what rain is for.”

Hubby:  “It was an indoor plant.”

Me:  “……….Like I said, it was asking for it.”

Hey, I may be a bit crazy, but I’m not the one who married me!

9.  Eminem is my #1 favorite artist.  I am on a campaign to get my son to agree with me.  So far, no dice.

10.  My favorite food or drink ever is hot chocolate.  I don’t care about souvenirs when I travel, but I WILL want to stop by every place in the city that I’ve Yelped out beforehand that says they have the best hot chocolate.

There ya go!  A few tidbits to get us started on this journey!  Can’t wait to get to know you!

*Disclaimer:  I’ve never lived in the South – ever.  Nor do I really have plans to (though I’m sure it’s lovely).  And we don’t say y’all in MN.  It’s just fun to write.

2 Responses to Repost: February 10, 2014

  1. Ganell says:

    This is great of you to share. I’m an atypical IT professional also – Short, long blonde hair, stiletto wearing, fashion obsessed but ALSO completely obsessed with sports!

    I’d love to follow you on Twitter. I’m @azsportsgirl63

    Also – your stories about MN scare me. My company is HQ there and I may be moving from sunny Valley of the Sun to the frozen tundra!

    • Riley May says:

      Ha! Don’t let my stories scare you. I can honestly say (really) that I know a TON of people who move here from all over the world and end up staying because they love it and the benefits outweigh the cold months. Spring/summer/fall are awesome here!

      That said, I personally wouldn’t move out of an area I loved for a job, but if you’re looking for a new experience, I think you’ll like it here more than you think! 🙂 We have some amazing restaurants, cost of living is reasonable, fun things to do, and I hear we are friendly. They even make t-shirts to prove it. 😉

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