Repost: February 12, 2014

***Head up – for a few weeks, I’m just going to be publishing my “personal blog” here as a run on page until I can do some fancy code work to make it a blog-within-a-blog.  It’s more complicated than it seems, especially with the way the server currently is set up.  I appreciate your patience while this site goes through a bit of transformation!****

So, someone asked me the other day how I liked writing this blog.  Well, since it’s been 5 whole weeks now, I have a few thoughts on it.


– It absolutely forces me to be more creative.  Which, as I remind myself, was actually one of the main reasons for starting this blog.  Creativity is something that does NOT come naturally to me.  I do some custom design work for people – logos, signs, banners, shirt designs, etc.  The technical building part using Illustrator and Photoshop is way easy.  Coming up with a design?  Not so much.  Courtesy of The Oatmeal, the comic below describes how I feel every time I start writing a new post.  (bottom 2 panels only)

But, as I start writing, ideas flow to me.  I get ideas when I read articles, talk to my friends, and observe people.  I’m starting to read not just to entertain myself, but to see how people put words together to tell a story.  I look at things and start mentally describing them as I would in a story.  And that’s awesome for someone like me, who never had those skills before.

– I can see my writing skills grow.  I use books, blogs, and articles to inspire me.  No, I don’t copy them, and actually some of them have zero to do with my content.  But seeing awesome writing styles helps me realize where I need to be better.

– You guys!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it blows my mind that I have so many people coming to read my story every single day.  And you guys are awesome.  I am so excited you want to be part of this journey and it makes me want to be a better writer for you.




– Honestly, writing takes me a lot longer than I realized it would.  Part of it is because I’m still learning my writing style.  I’ve already learned tips and tricks to write faster – i.e. by the time I sit at the computer to start pounding it out, I have the entire storyline in my head.  But learning how to write well, develop characters, and create scenes is not easy for someone like me, who, for the last 10 years basically had to write MBA homework and IT documents.  I really think that a few more months of this and things will be so much easier.

– Hearing people tell me over and over that I’m just not that great because I’m making mistakes or have typos.  I get it – truly I do.  And seeing them in the blogs I read annoy me too!!  I am trying my hardest to get better, but remember I just started this blogging thing 5 weeks ago.  Seriously, the best way to eliminate typos or grammatical errors in a hurry is to have thousands of people read your work every day and critique it.  Yikes!But pretty much everyone has been beyond awesome and forgiving.  THANK YOU!  (Just please, please don’t compare me to Tolstoy or Sophie Kinsella yet.  Give me at least 5 months, not 5 weeks, m-kay?)

– Insecurity about my work.  Will every post be Pulitzer Prize worth?  What is that you say?  None of them have been yet?  Well, shoot.  I kid, I kid.  But, when I’m done writing each post I worry if you guys will like it, worry it will be a dud, worry that I made typos, worry that I won’t get any readers, worry the post is too long or too short, worry I won’t get any comments, that type of thing.  So far my fears have been mostly unfounded, but hey, they are active!

Overall, this is one of the most fun things I’ve done.  Well worth the time and effort!  Thanks for reading!!!

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