Repost: February 17, 2014

Hello!  Wow, the snow here is awful.  Luckily I work from home, but then again…I’m the only one home all day with just cats who try to sit on my laptop for company.  I always feel bad for the mail carriers who have to deliver mail in the awful snow and cold – I mean, I recycle 90% of my mail the second I see it since it’s mostly just ads and stuff.  I wish I could tell them to just stockpile it and put it in my mailbox once a week or something.So a couple people have asked me how much I base Maddie off me.  And the answer is….very little actually.  Like 10%.  I have a couple reasons for not doing so:1.  I want to improve my writing.  Writing a thinly veiled memoir would sorta defeat the purpose.  For me, improving my writing is partially about writing style but a big part about character development, scenes, creating a new world, and the like.2.  I can create more interesting stories and spins when I use creative liberties.Maddie and I are similar in probably the same areas that you and I are similar – figuring out life and career as we go along.  I don’t know about you, but I didn’t have anything figured out at that age.  And, now that I reflect, pretty much any damn age.  Haha.

So, when I write I put myself into a mindset of how I thought at that age, but not necessarily my own personal beliefs, situations, or anxieties.  What I love about writing Maddie’s story vs. other fictional blogs I read (which I LOVE so don’t get me wrong there) is that I can try to make it real/relatable while still making it interesting.  People struggle with finding their way in jobs, love, life, and what the hell we’re even doing half the time.  Crossing my fingers I can do a decent balance!

Other random thoughts to leave you with:

-My friend left me some amazingly delicious peanut butter and butter cookies.  I can’t decide if I love her for giving me cookies or hate her for giving me cookies.  (I kid, I kid.  Damn those little cookies are good though!)

-Ever have those weekends where you ate way too much and are paying for it?  I had a V-day dinner, lunch out with my mom/sister on Saturday, dinner out the same night, and dim sum the Sunday morning.  Not to mention I figured I may as well go for broke and eat tons of cookies (see above).  I think I am still recovering.

-I kinda think I’m getting to a make-it-or-break-it with readership now, like the novelty of a new blog is wearing off and people are either going to stick around because it’s interesting or leave ’cause it’s boring.  I’m biting my fingernails now in nervousness, saying “love me, guys, puh-lease???”


Also – I want to have a little Q&A with you guys.  I want to get to know my readers better, and want you to feel like you know me as well because we are all friends here, right?  Leave me a comment with any question and I’ll answer away!

While you are at it, I would LOVE to hear why you come read this blog (or decided to just skim through it casually).  What makes you leave comments vs. just reading?  What makes you come back? Is it the storyline?  The writing?  Characters?  I admit, I eat it all up when I see messages about how you all love the blog, but I’d also love to hear if the story is going too slowly, boring, writing needs to be sharper…tell me, ’cause how else will I improve?*

*I shall now go hide under a blanket while I await a flood of harsh and/or nasty comments about how I suck. 😉

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