Repost: February 4, 2014

Hey everyone!  I wanted a page to write directly to the readers, separate from the blog posts.  I’ll use this page to share thoughts, updates, and maybe some funny stuff now and then.

First, I have to say…OMG THANK YOU for reading this blog!  It blows my mind that I have people coming to read my writing when just about 4 weeks ago I was on a trip to the Dominican Republic, and  had an epiphany after one too many daiquiris.  I love reading blogs, especially fictional blogs.  I want to improve my writing skillz, yo.  Why not put them together and create my own blog?  Doesn’t mean I want to compete with other bloggers.  I love them too!

I heard a few of you mention that my grammar and writing could use a little polishing.  Guess what?  I agree!  To give you a little background, I have zero, zilch, nada experience in writing fiction.  The writing classes I took in school taught us stuff that looked a lot more like this.  For years, I spent my time reading technical documents that had very little to do with perfect grammar.  I learned to scan documents looking for the information I needed, very quickly.

So, I can’t promise that you won’t find a few errors here and there.  I can’t promise I will write at the level of Tolstoy (or even Helen Fielding)!  But I do promise you that I will continue to try my hardest to improve my skills and catch my errors.  If you can stick with me while I learn, point out nicely when I miss something, and in general be a rock star reader, I’ll work hard to give you reliable and good material every week.  As Uncle Jesse would say, capisce?

And hey – it can’t be too bad to have an IT girl as your author, can it?  Think of all the cool stuff we could do with this site!  Layouts, formats, adding forums so we can all chat…all I need to know is what you guys want and it can be built!

Once again, thank you SO much for reading.  I would love it if you spread the word to your friends, “liked” the Facebook page, shared this blog on Tumblr….anything.  Remember to send me suggestions, comments, and feedback on this site or anything I write!


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