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So what did you do this weekend?  We’re having the coldest winter since 1975, so we were not too inclined to leave the house without a good reason.  We worked on the format of the site (which I LOVE), and decided to go to a movie this weekend.

So, back last March we decided to bring our little guy on his first trip to Europe over spring break.  We went to Paris, Venice, Rome, and a little trip to Pompeii while we were there.  Fast forward to this weekend, and we saw that there is a movie out on Pompeii.  So, we should go, right?  Maybe it’d give him a visualization of what it looked like back in the day and what happened with the lava!

Let’s just say that I think he only thing he learned was what to do if he got in a knife fight.  Which I really hope he doesn’t have to ever experience, especially in the 4th grade.

IMG_2466 IMG_2503

Like the new look?  My husband was awesome and worked on it a ton this weekend.  I did the design work, but he did all the configuration.  Let me know what you think!

Obviously the look changed, but so did the Author’s Corner.  We’ll probably tweak it a bit here and there too.  I wanted to make this page into a way to connect to all of you, through these twice weekly posts, and maybe some other fun stuff down the road – polls, information about my other work, book reviews, and the like.  So, it made more sense to make it more of it’s own site rather than that one page on the Minne Apple Girl blog.

Oh – I was asked if we could add something to “like” a comment so people can show they agree with someone without writing out their own comment.  Honestly, I don’t see an easy way to do that but I’m still looking.  One great way I’ve seen online before is if people just write a simple “+1”.  For example…


This is the coolest blog of all time!  I weep with joy every time I see a new post pop up on my RSS feed, and thank the heavens above for this glorious gift to all mankind!*

Priya (in reply to Jenny)


I’ll keep you posted if we find another way.  So, I greatly thank the hubby for working on the site!  At the risk of sounding like I’m humblebragging, I do have to say he’s awesome (not to mention ridiculously handsome).  I know I’m not the easiest to live with sometimes!  For instance, I may or may not have done the following at one point**….

-Pretended to be asleep on the couch so he would feed the cats and change the kitty box when it was really my turn.

-I’m convinced that murderers live in our garage at night.  Makes sense to you too, right?  So when I do change the kitty box, I leave the bag outside in the garage, next to the steps so I don’t have to walk across the scary garage at night to the garbage can.  He’s stepped on the plastic bag more than once in the morning, which does not give him warm fuzzy feelings.  (At least nothing came THROUGH the bag, I tell him.  He’s still not amused.)

-Messed up configuration on the site by trying to “help” him, thus making extra work for him and leading to a mandate that I am to tell him before I touch anything non-cosmetic (he’s far, far better at the technical pieces than myself).  😀

-I am convinced that ironing is not necessary, and that in fact, that our body heat will eventually remove all wrinkles from clothes.  I will (grudgingly) steam clothes if absolutely necessary.

-Determined that a home improvement project will be easy and very low cost, and we should totally DIY it ourselves since hey, I read information on how to do it online!  And even watched YouTube videos! (partially, I’m not a video watcher so I normally stop halfway through).

Halfway into the project, we then will realize that it’s double the time, effort, and money than I anticipated.  (I’m still sorry about the time I convinced him to put in a new patio ourselves.  Who knew that 25′ of dirt, several tons of gravel, and 2 pallets of bricks weighed so much, especially when you have them delivered to the side of the garage, halfway across the yard from the project so they aren’t an eyesore on your front lawn?  Whoops.)

-I have zero idea how to turn on our TV.  Seriously, I’m not joking.  I am NOT a TV watcher and have never ever been.  I mean, I can get the button to turn on the actual TV.  But you want me to turn on the DVD player?  Use Apple TV?  Or  – *gasp* turn the cable on?  What do you take me for, a magician?  Every time I’ve actually had to do try, I’ve messed it up and have called him (in person or on the phone) to help me.  Luckily I only have to turn the TV on every year or so.

Yep, it’s a real treat living with this girl!  😉

*Note:  I’ve never actually seen this comment before, but I’m sure several of you have thought it.  😉

**Truth be told he’s used to all these things and much more.  He never gets mad, just gives me the occasional eye roll.  haha.

8 Responses to New Look

  1. Arooj says:

    Yay to hubby! He did a great job!

    Also, you are hilarious. Hope you know that. 🙂

    • Arooj says:

      Also also, your name is Riley May?

      • Riley May says:

        Pretty close, but I didn’t want to put my real last name on here… I work for myself right now but say that ever changes…how embarrassing would it be to be in an interview and all of a sudden they ask me about my blog with sex scenes in it! LOL…or my kid and his friends are getting close to googling age… “Hey, did you see what your MOM wrote?” haha…

    • Riley May says:

      Hehe…thanks! I write theses “Author’s Corner” pages right off the top of my head. I guess it shows what goes on it my head on an average Monday evening! 😀

  2. DS says:

    Hey, i think even if you could have an arrow that goes up and an arrow that goes down that comes up with each comment next to the reply button then maybe that would show how many are in agreement or not with the comment. *Just my thoughts, it might be as easy to do as it sounds

  3. DS says:

    Oops, I meant to say it might not be as easy to do as it sounds

    • Riley May says:

      Hi! I know exactly what you are talking about. I’ll continue to look into it, but the problem lies in that it’s more with the format of the WordPress themes and what they will let you do… Personally I love the suggestion, just have to see if we can actually implement it.

      While we’re IT people, we’re not web designers and this branch of technology is a bit new to us, so figuring out things as the arise! Hopefully we can do something like that!

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