A Celebration of Gluttony

Guys, I am SO excited.  Know what’s happening this weekend????  It’s (drumroll please….) The Minnesota Food and Wine Experience!!

What does this mean to me, you ask?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  Pull up a chair and I will tell you ALLLLLL about it.

You like food?  And wine?  Great, we’re already BFFs.  What this event is, is, well, amazing.  200 awesome food vendors, 350+ different wines to try, and 4 hours to do it all.

So, last year was actually our first year going.  I had to convince my hubby it was TOTALLY 100% OH YES FOR REALZ worth $75/each to get in.  He finally agreed because we do this thing where at least 1-2x a month we have to plan fun stuff for each other or the family to do, and the other has to go along with the other’s plans, no complaints or whatnot.  It’s actually really fun because we get to try new things, and experience the other’s interests.  So, I used this as one of mine so he had no say.

So, we enter this big, huge room.  OMG food and wine samples were EVERYWHERE.   It’s like a foodie’s paradise!  So we start at one side, eating our way through the food.  And we’re not talking tiny little samples here, you get as much wine samples as you want, and the food samples are actually pretty big.  One place even gave entire donuts out!  (And this place is really good, I mean they even won some donut competition in Canada.  And it’s located in America!  Don’t ask me how that works).

So we happily stuffed ourselves silly and exited the room after about an hour or so.  THEN we noticed people walking to ANOTHER area…ok, we better follow.  WOW.  There is ANOTHER room, the same size or bigger, crammed FULL of exhibits!  Our eyes slightly glazed over from all our food, we started up all over again.  We’re troopers, you see.  Whew, we finally packed down all the food in the second room, not to mention a great samplings of wine.

I look to the left.  I  see some girl passed out drunk in the hallway.  Like I said, they aren’t stingy at this thing.Wait, what’s that I see ahead?  No, no, no…it can’t be.  It’s A THIRD ROOM, STUFFED TO THE BRIM WITH MORE FOOD AND WINE SAMPLES.

At this point, we decide that we need a strategy.  There is no possible way that we can eat every single food sample and try all the wines.  Heck, they are all blending together at this point.  But preserve we must, so we decide we get one sample for the both of us at each booth and split it.  I think this is the point where we just stumbled along, holding out our hands for the food samples as we went along.  Towards the end, we even walked past a few that looked amazing but we just…couldn’t.  And this is coming from someone who is quite talented at eating.*

Finally, we take a break, sit down for awhile, and roll out the door.  This is easily one of the best things we’ve ever done.  We promptly go home and fall asleep in front of a movie because, after all that food and wine (don’t worry, we made sure one of us was ok to drive home), what else can you do except avoid your scale for the next week?

This year at least we know what we’re up against.  Bring. It. On.  😀

And I totally am finding us a couple of these before we go.  You don’t understand how much food they shove in your hands at this event.

If you need me on Sunday, I’ll be at the mall, buying bigger pants.

*and working out.  I don’t eat like this every day, remember.

Question for you  
Like to read but not sure what to comment?  Tell me about your favorite place to eat in your city!  Mine is called Damico’s.  You’ll always have a good meal, they have bottomless glasses of wine for $8, and the people who work there are great.  Will it ever be the most amazing meal of our lives?  Naw, but for the price, it’s always a good, solid option.

2 Responses to A Celebration of Gluttony

  1. Arooj says:

    Since you’re coming to Toronto later this year……if you’re craving gourmet burgers, you should try The Works (www.worksburger.com). They have all these different combinations, tons of non-traditional ingredients to make your own burger, 5 different types of buns. You can get steamed broccoli as a side! (I love steamed broccoli.) And THE BEST milkshake I’ve ever put in my mouth, the 2001 Shake Odyssey. It’s not the cheapest place but very much worth it.

    • Riley May says:

      Really? I love milkshakes! And broccoli too. Burgers are one of those things that I know I shouldn’t eat too often, so they are a few times a year treat and I go alllll out on them. I’ll put it on my list! I know our bigger trip will be in July-ish. Glad my parents are coming with so they can hang with the kids and maybe the adults can sneak out a bit after they are settled in for the night. 😀

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